Classic Kid's Show

Simone offers two types of shows. The first is a classic magic show for girls and boys with kid-oriented tricks, interesting props, audience participation, and general silliness. In addition to the show, balloon animals can be made for each child in attendance. This show is best suited for kids aged 4-9. Depending on the age of the children, they can be taught a trick at the end of the show.

Harry Potter Show

The second type of show Simone can perform is a Harry Potter show. Being a Potter nerd herself, Simone brings all her knowledge to present a series of tricks based on magic from various classes at Hogwarts. Before class begins though, each student must be sorted! The Sorting Hat can do custom sorting recorded just for your guests and the birthday girl or boy is guaranteed to be in the house they should be in! This show is best suited for kids aged 7-12.


Shows typically run from 20 - 30 minutes. For small children, 20 minutes is best for their attention spans. 25 - 30 is best for older kids however if you have a specific request regarding length Simone will happily discuss accomodating you.