About Simone


Originally from Australia, Simone started out with a magic kit as a kid and started performing shows to easy crowds like her family, and tough ones like school assembly and her girl scout group. It was then that she learned how to handle hecklers.


Magic lay dormant for much of her adult life, but it eventually called her back and she ran with it! Simone now performs often at comedy and variety shows around Los Angeles as well as private parties. Soon after she got back into magic, she took to being a children's performer in addition to her regular magic gigs. With a five-year old son Quincy, she always has someone to practice magic on.


Simone is a member at the Magic Castle where she regularly performs. She has also performed up and down the West Coast of the US, Australia, and London. She is part of a female duo, Mystiki which has had a residency at the Edison in downtown LA for over a year.


She is a board member for the Women Magicians Association.